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About RCS Services

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RCS' operational consulting is based on a simple premise: when your product is people, control over workers compensation expenses translates directly into profitability. Our mission is to help our clients increase profitability by realizing effective control over what is one of a staffing firm's most significant costs after payroll.

Since our inception in 1990, over 1,000 staffing clients have enhanced profitability through RCS' Strategic Risk Management Consulting. We have garnered a strong reputation for focusing on the individual needs of each client, without losing sight of a growing industry's insurance and risk management challenges. As an independent consultant, we contract directly with our clients to develop risk management solutions which transcend carrier or agent arrangements.

Our staff, comprised of industry leading experts, provides consulting and field services in a multitude of staffing disciplines, as well as in other non-staffing related industries. RCS consultants boast credentials and field experience second to none, including: Certified Safety Professionals, Associates in Risk Management, etc...

Specific risk management training and programming is available to general industry and staffing sectors including: Healthcare, Professional & Technical, Hospitality, Drivers, Logistics, Engineering, Skilled Trades, Commercial, and Clerical. RCS programming provides the basis for A+ rated insurance programs and nationally recognized certification programs.

RCS provides the structure to understand a staffing firm's exposure to loss. RCS analyzes all aspects of a staffing firm's operations and quantifies opportunities for control. RCS benchmark systems offer insight into loss prevention, loss control, corporate infrastructure and risk financing strategies.

The RCS Strategic Risk Management Program serves as the basis for industry wide, nationally recognized certification programs. Our consultants are specifically trained to communicate and certify risk management best practices. With RCS-based certification come recognition, respect, and opportunities in the areas of client marketability and risk financing alternatives.

Effective risk management is more than corporate policy; it is corporate culture. RCS Services provides ongoing assistance implementing risk management methodologies. Our Client Services team will help incorporate RCS strategies into your specific business model. Through interactive training, third party monitoring, online technology, accentuating products and outsourced safety services, RCS provides solutions for the continued development of risk management culture